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My love for Blackburn Rovers is only out done by the love I have for my family, so to say I am passionate about the Blue and White is an understatement.  Join me as I try to showcase the best that Lancashire has to offer on a football pitch, albeit from an unusual perspective which is the fact that I am based abroad in the United States.  My aim is to provide weekly updates via my Rovers related show, which is available in many formats (iTunes, Sound Cloud and YouTube), and also try and spread my love of the game to the wider audience with other topical footballing matters, such as international football, life in the premiership, extreme goals etc.  The majority of my content can be found on YouTube, so be sure to check it out.  Otherwise, you can find most of what I provide Rovers related right here on my blog.

Match Predictions

I love sport, and in particular I adore football.  Whether its the latest shenanigans in the Premier League, or some obscure fixture out in the K-League.  I try to give my OPINION on what will happen on various football leagues and tournaments around the globe.  If you are here for my predictions, then bookmark this page.



When I am not at the office, watching Blackburn Rovers or predicting the outcomes of various footballing events around the world, I try to dabble in the art of computer gaming.  Whether its FIFA, Football Manager or trying to find myself on a map courtesy of GeoGuessr.  All links and associated contact for that can be found right here.


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