Played for Both – Blackburn Rovers vs Aston Villa

The list below contains the current/former professional football players that have represented both Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers during their careers.
Bunn, MJ (Mark)
2005/2006 to 2017/2018 Northampton Town, Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, Sheffield Utd, Norwich City, Aston Villa

Campbell, DJ (DJ)
1996/1997 to 2014/2015 Queen`s Park Rangers, Aston Villa, Chesham Utd, Stevenage Borough, Billericay Town, Yeading, Brentford, Birmingham City, Leicester City, Blackpool, Derby County, Ipswich Town, Blackburn Rovers, Millwall, Maidenhead Utd

Carr, FA (Franz)
1984/1985 to 1998/1999 Blackburn Rovers, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, West Ham Utd, Newcastle Utd, Sheffield Utd, Leicester City, Aston Villa, Reggiana, Bolton Wanderers, West Bromwich Albion, Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Cowans, GS (Gordon)
1975/1976 to 1997/1998 Aston Villa, Bari, Blackburn Rovers, Derby County, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Sheffield Utd, Bradford City, Stockport County, Burnley

Crisp, J (Jack)
1912/1913 to 1933/1934 Walsall, Aston Villa, Leicester Fosse, Ordnance, West Bromwich Albion, Blackburn Rovers, Coventry City, Birmingham, Stourbridge, Bromsgrove Rovers, Cheltenham Town

Cunliffe, A (Arthur)
1926/1927 to 1946/1947 Adlington, Chorley, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Burnley, Hull City, Rochdale

Delfouneso, NA (Nathan)
2008/2009 to 2017/2018 Aston Villa, Burnley, Leicester City, Blackpool, Coventry City, Blackburn Rovers, Bury, Swindon Town

Dix, RW (Ronnie)
1927/1928 to 1948/1949 Bedminster, Bristol Rovers, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Derby County, Tottenham Hotspur, Reading

Dougan, AD (Derek)
1955/1956 to 1975/1976 Distillery, Portsmouth, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Peterborough Utd, Leicester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Los Angeles Wolves, Kansas City Spurs, Kettering Town

Enckelman, P (Peter)
1995/1996 to 2013/2014 TPS Turku, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Cardiff City, St Johnstone, Heart of Midlothian, IFK Mariehamn

Fenton, GA (Graham)
1991/1992 to 2003/2004 Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion, Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, Walsall, Barnsley, Stoke City, St Mirren, Blackpool, Darlington, Blyth Spartans

Ferguson, MK (Mike)
1959/1960 to 1976/1977 Plymouth Argyle, Accrington Stanley, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Queen`s Park Rangers, Cambridge Utd, Rochdale, Los Angeles Aztecs, IA Akranes, Halifax Town

Friedel, BH (Brad)
1990/1991 to 2013/2014 UCLA, US Soccer Federation, Newcastle Utd, Brondby, Galatasaray, Columbus Crew, Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur

Gallacher, B (Bernard)
1986/1987 to 1994/1995 Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Doncaster Rovers, Brighton & Hove Albion, Northampton Town, Bromsgrove Rovers

Gastall, JWH (John)
1930/1931 to 1939/1940 Blackburn Rovers, Burscough Rangers, St Luke’s College, Darwen, Oldham Athletic, Bacup Borough, Aston Villa, Burnley, Accrington Stanley, Rochdale

Gestede, R (Rudy)
2005/2006 to 2017/2018 Metz B, Metz, AS Cannes, Cardiff City, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough

Given, SJJ (Shay)
1993/1994 to 2016/2017 Celtic, Blackburn Rovers, Swindon Town, Sunderland, Newcastle Utd, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Stoke City

Grayson, SN (Simon)
1987/1988 to 2005/2006 Leeds Utd, Leicester City, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Sheffield Wednesday, Stockport County, Notts County, Bradford City, Blackpool

Hardy, GG (George)
1932/1933 to 1938/1939 Nuneaton Town, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers

Hole, BG (Barrie)
1959/1960 to 1971/1972 Cardiff City, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Swansea Town, Swansea City

Mail, D (David)
1980/1981 to 1995/1996 Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Hull City, Brigg Town

Moseley, G (Graham)
1971/1972 to 1987/1988 Blackburn Rovers, Derby County, Aston Villa, Walsall, Brighton & Hove Albion, Ipswich Town, Cardiff City

Price, CJ (Chris)
1976/1977 to 1995/1996 Hereford Utd, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Cinderford Town

Reynolds, J (Jack ‘Baldy’)
1884/1885 to 1904/1905 Park Road (Blackburn), Witton (Blackburn), Blackburn Rovers, East Lancashire Regiment, Distillery, Ulster, West Bromwich Albion, Droitwich Town, Aston Villa, Celtic, Southampton, Bristol St George, (New Zealand), Stockport County, Willesden Town

Riley, T (Tom)
1901/1902 to 1909/1910 Chorley, Blackburn Rovers, Brentford, Aston Villa, Southampton

Samba, VC (Chris)
2000/2001 to 2017/2018 Rouen, Sedan, Hertha Berlin, Blackburn Rovers, Anzhi Makhachkala, Queen`s Park Rangers, Dynamo Moscow, Panathinaikos, Aston Villa

Shaw, GA (Gilbert)
1922/1923 to 1930/1931 Aston Villa, Wellington Town, Brierley Hill Alliance, Blackburn Rovers, Grimsby Town, Bristol Rovers, Walsall

Smith, G (George)
1897/1898 to 1907/1908 St Christopher’s, Leyland, Preston North End, Aston Villa, New Brompton, Blackburn Rovers, Plymouth Argyle, Southampton

Sutton, CR (Chris)
1990/1991 to 2006/2007 Norwich City, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Celtic, Birmingham City, Aston Villa

Warnock, S (Stephen)
1998/1999 to 2017/2018 Liverpool, Bradford City, Coventry City, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers, Leeds Utd, Derby County, Wigan Athletic, Burton Albion

Whittingham, PM (Peter)
2002/2003 to 2017/2018 Aston Villa, Burnley, Derby County, Cardiff City, Blackburn Rovers

Williams, DS (Derrick)
2012/2013 to 2017/2018 Aston Villa, Bristol City, Blackburn Rovers

Willis, JCJ (John)
1952/1953 to 1960/1961 Boldon Colliery Welfare, Blackburn Rovers, Accrington Stanley, Mossley, Aston Villa, Boldon

Wilson, TC (Tommy)
1892/1893 to 1907/1908 Fishwick Ramblers, Ashton Town, West Manchester, Ashton North End, Lincoln City, Oldham County, Swindon Town, Blackburn Rovers, Rochdale, Millwall Athletic, Aston Villa, Queen’s Park Rangers, Bolton Wanderers, Leeds City, Manchester Utd

Wright, AG (Alan)
1987/1988 to 2009/2010 Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Sheffield Utd, Derby County, Leeds Utd, Cardiff City, Doncaster Rovers, Nottingham Forest, Cheltenham Town, Fleetwood Town

Yorke, DE (Dwight)
1987/1988 to 2009/2010 St Clair’s, Signal Hill, Aston Villa, Manchester Utd, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, Sydney FC, Sunderland, Tobago Utd

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