The 2018-19 Champions League groups have been drawn and in this video I try to predict the outcome of Group E.

I will go over each and every match within the group and calculate the final group positions. I will indicate which two teams go through to the knockout phase of the Champions League, which side goes through to the Europa League knockout, and which team heads home.

If you agree with my predictions be sure to let me know in the comments section, if not, let me know how you think Group E will finish.

Matches in Group E of 2018-19 Champions League

Ajax vs AEK Athens
Benfica vs Bayern München
Bayern München vs Ajax
AEK Athens vs Benfica
AEK Athens vs Bayern München
Ajax vs Benfica
Benfica vs Ajax
Bayern München vs AEK Athens
AEK Athens vs Ajax
Bayern München vs Benfica
Ajax vs Bayern München
Benfica vs AEK Athens
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